Spanish Shopfront - Artesania de Frigiliana

Our Products

At “Artesano” our goal is to provide our customers with unique products, the majority sourced from local artisans in Spain. The kinds of products that become the talk of the table, that catch the eye, that have a story, that have a unique quality to them. 

 Our suppliers have helped us source some of the finest artisan products available from the heart of Andalucia. The quality and beauty of their product range is exceptional. We have been introduced to small family run businesses with very distinct and hard to find products that have previously been unavailable in Australia.

 Accompanying our search for unique products comes the forming of relationships with Spanish people as well as others who have chosen to make this fantastic country their own. Through these relationships we aim to bring you unique and truly authentic products that you will quite simply love to use and love to look at.

Ceramica Gabarron

Artist Juan Manuels ceramics studio “Ceramica Gabarron”, is in the heart of Guadix, a small  town in between Orce and Granada in Andalucia. His ceramic pieces are all hand crafted, dried and glazed. These unique pieces are rustic brown glazed terracotta with hand painted green glazed trim. Their rich color perfectly enhances the ripe reds and saffron yellows typical of Spanish fare.

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