Spanish Paella
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Calasparra Rice-The ultimate paella rice (OUT OF STOCK)

CalasparraPaella Rice - 1 Kg.

If youwant to make a truly authentic paella, real paella rice is essential. Paella isall about rice, it is the foundation of this delicious dish and must be able toabsorb all of the flavours of the paella without becoming soft. It is highlyrecommended to use either of the strains ofrice grown in Calasparra and not cut corners. They have been used for paellasfor centuries -- producing individual al dente grains, swollen with as muchgood broth as possible.

The problemyou run into with substitutes is that the other short-grained strains of riceare designed with other applications in mind: Arborio is meant to become creamywhen cooked; Asian rice is meant to be sticky; Basmati is light, aromatic andfragile; and long grain rice is a completely different product with lowerabsorbency.

Calasparra Rice is grown in themountains of the Spanish province of Murcia, where it enjoys pure mountainwater irrigation, unlike the usual rice fields by the Mediterranean Sea. Theaqueducts delivering water from the mountain streams were first engineered bythe Romans, and then improved upon by the Moors over 1,000 years ago! OurCalasparra rice grown in the D.O. Calasparra region are totally free of allpesticides, herbicides, etc. No chemicals of any kind are added duringprocessing. Each bag is individually numbered at the farm.

Each bag makes over 13 cups cooked rice

Calasparra Rice-The ultimate paella rice (OUT OF STOCK)

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