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Cazuela Tapas Party Set - 9 cazuelas-Gift Idea

Cazuela Tapas Party Set - set of 9 cazuelas -  for only $110.00

If your planning a tapas party or making and serving Spanish food for friends then this set of nine cazuelas is perfect for presentation, variation and rustic charm. Your set includes 1 x 8cm mini cazuela, 2 x 10cm cazuelas,   3 x 14cm cazuelas, 2 x 18cm cazuela and an extra large 23cm cazuela for the center of the table. A unique collection of handy sizes for presenting Spanish tapas of all types both hot and cold from sizzling garlic prawns, sherried chorizo or Flamenco eggs to a simple display of marinated olives, salted almonds or dips.

Please review our Care and Use instructions page by clicking the "All about Cazuelas" on the homepage. Your Cazuela will also come with instructions.
Cazuela Tapas Party Set - 9 cazuelas-Gift Idea

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