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Cazuelas Planas - Extra Large - 32cm

Cazuelas Planas - Pizza Plate - 32cm - (2cm deep)

A very rustic and traditional terracotta piece giving your table that stamp of Spanish authenticity.  'Planas' means these cazuelas are much flatter/shallower and thicker and heavier then our other range. Typical to cazuelas they can be used for cooking then served straight to the table. They can be used on the stovetop, oven, BBQ or in a pizza oven and retain the heat just when served to the table. Each dish is finished half glazed with a bare terracotta flat base. The 32cm size great for Pizza, use in your pizza oven (max 400deg c) also for cooking and serving your BBQ meats any of the non saucy type of tapas or your favourite Spanish recipe. 32cm outer diam with 30cm interior base and 2 cm depth. Full care instructions included 

Cazuelas Planas - Extra Large - 32cm

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