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Ñora peppers-sorry out of stock

Ñora peppers - (110g)

Ñora peppers are a very popular Spanish pepper, (also known as pimiento choricero. They are a small, round, intense and sweet-fleshed red bell pepper that is always used dry, to add flavor to stews, cocidos or soups. It may also be an ingredient in some chorizo sausages. In Spanish cuisine they are much more commonly used than chili peppers. They lend a wonderfully earthy taste to many rice dishes, such as paella and arroz a banda, where they lend their distinctive flavour. Most of all, they are essential to one of the most outstanding dishes of Spanish cuisine: Bacalao a la Vizcaína -- Baked Cod, Basque Style. They are also used as the base for an authentic sofrito or romesco. Used in soups and stews for flavour

Ñora peppers-sorry out of stock

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