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Paella Ingredients Set-Perfect Gift-

Paella Ingredients Set 

If you already have a paella pan and want the perfect ingredients to make your paella authentic or if you want something extra to put with your paella pan gift we have put together a set of ingredients that will enable you to create the perfect paella!  


Your pack includes;

- ½ kg bag of Bomba rice, the most sought after by Spanish Chefs, renowned for its flavor absorbing quality and is said to be the purest yield of any other producer in Spain.

- 75g tin Pimenton Dulce (sweet paprika)

- 75g tin Pimenton Picante (hot paprika)

- 4g Pota Azafran Saffron threads (4 x 1g sachets in box)

Paella Ingredients Set-Perfect Gift-

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