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Garcima Polished Steel Paella Pan

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  • 24cm, 34cm, 38cm, 42cm

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Garcima Polished Steel Paella Pan 34cm (Serves 6)

Polished Steel Paella are Spain’s most frequently utilised paella pan and can be seen hanging in every Spanish kitchen in a range of sizes . These old-fashioned rolled steel paella pans are perfect for using on a wood fire. They produce the socarrat, the crunchy rice on the bottom of the pan that Valencians like. Our pans are a basic yet highly functional design with all the fundamentals to deliver a top class paella. Can be used on electric or gas cooktop.

Care and Use..When the pans are new they are fine as long as they are kept dry, once introduced to water though they need to be thoroughly dried then seasoned with olive/sunflower oil - this prevents rust. Best way to do it is by pouring a little oil onto a piece of kitchen towel and smear the pan allover. As a general rule always keep the pan seasoned with a smear of oil.

Garcima Polished Steel Paella Pan

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