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Paella Essential Ingredients (OUT OF STOCK)

Essential Paella Ingredients (Pan not included)

If you alreadyhave your paella pan, here are the premium ingredients to create the perfectpaella! They really do make a difference - from flavour absorbing Calasparra rice,to smoky paprika from La Lidia, these ingredients elevate a normal paella to aremarkably authentic one. And there is enough here to make two or threepaellas, depending on how big they are of course! Conventional rice or grocerystore paprika are bound to produce a disappointing paella - we know fromexperience. For entertaining friends and family, be sure to start with the bestingredients to achieve an authentic paella

Your essentialingredients set includes; 
1. Calasparra Rice - 1kg cloth bag (note or Bomba rice depending on stock)
2. Pina hand-picked Spanish saffron -1g jar
3. La Boqueria smoked pimenton (paprika)-75g tin
Caretilla Piquillo Pimientos-350g tin 
Sotaroni's ArbequinaExtra Virgin Olive oil -500ml bottle 

Paella Essential Ingredients (OUT OF STOCK)

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