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Paella Bomba Rice--Sorry out of stock

Paella "Bomba" Rice - 1/2 kg bag

Rice is the most importantingredient in paella, which is the reason many paellas are called"arroces" in Spain. Bomba is the most sought after rice used bySpanish chefs, it is considered the supreme strain of rice in all of Spain. Bombaabsorbs three times its volume in broth (rather than the normal two), yet thegrains remain firm and delicious which is required for an authentic paella. Bombais an ancient strain of rice that is grown in pure mountain water and maturesvery slowly. It is different from Italian Arborio rice, which is bred to becreamy, and Asian rice, which is meant to be sticky. Substitution of thesestrains will result in a soupy or mushy paella.
Paella Bomba Rice--Sorry out of stock

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