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Calamares Fritos - 

Fried Squid Rings

Fried squid rings or in Spanish calamares fritos are one of those “typical” tapas that are served in tapas bars all over Spain. A simple tapa generally just served with a wedge of lemon. You can use either fresh or fresh or frozen squid.  Fresh is always best but if your not close to a fish market frozen is fine. The recipe I have used here comes from Janet Mendel’s book “tapas a bite of Spain” published by Santana books.

Makes 6 tapas


4 x medium squid, each about 175g, cleaned Flour for dredging Olive Oil for frying Salt Lemon wedges to serve (Note if you buy fresh squid from the market here are some tips on cleaning. You can buy it cleaned)

Cleaning the squid:

The squids body is a slender pouch from which protrudes a head with short tentacles. Grasp the head and pull gently. It will come away from the body pouch bringing the innards. The ink is enclosed in a tiny silver sack on the innards.  Still inside the body pouch is the quill or cartilage, which looks like a strip of transparent plastic. Grasp the to of it, it will come away in one piece. Discard it. Cut off the tentacles just above the eyes. Save the tentacles. Discard the remaining head with innards still attached. Rinse out the pouch and pull off the purplish outer skin. The wing flaps will come off too. Save them. The cleaned squid consists of tentacles, two wing flapps and a body pouch. Ready to use


Use a sharp knife or kitchen scissors to cut the squid crosswise into rings about 12mm/ (1/2) in wide. Cut the tentacles in half. Dredge the rings, tentacles and wings flaps in flour, coating them well.

Heat oil in frying an. Scoop up a handful of floured squid and place in sieve. Shake the sieve to knock off excess flour.

Fry the squid in hot oil until golden on both sides, about 2 minutes. Remove and drain on paper towels. Fry remaining squid in the same manner.

Place the fried squid on a serving dish, sprinkle with salt and serve hot accompanied by lemon wedges.

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