Spanish fresh fruit and vegetable market

Who we are

Artesano de España is built upon a genuine passion for all things Spanish. We are a small family run business and although we are not Spanish ourselves we have a long term connection with this fantastic country both having lived there and through extensive travel there.

Our wish is to share this deep affection for Spanish food and culture and to offer you genuine Spanish products, Made in Spain. The majority of our products are, made by local Artisans in Spain, hence our name, "Artesano” which means Artisan in Spanish.

Our aim is to supply unique hand made products that are both functional and decorative, that will add a stamp of authenticity to your Spanish kitchen and table yet can be enjoyed in a contemporary Australian setting.

Artesano de España is for people who not only have a passion for Spanish food but also want to create a genuine dining experience. Whether mastering a paella or serving a sumptuous Spanish tapas selection present your Spanish cuisine in classic Spanish style.

Artesano de España is based just outside of Sydney and currently ships anywhere in Australia.

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